AI for Creators

Discovering new pathways for AI to enhance the creative pursuits of artists and
creators of all kinds, enabling rich experiences and undiscovered avenues
for creative human pursuits from visual arts, sound and music.

Our Approach

Current research is focused on where AI can impact various mediums to increase creative and artistic capacity in all dimensions. Across several research areas we are committed to supporting creators and exploring technology that can serve as a foundation for human creativity. We are working towards the controllability and real-time functionality of AI foundation models with efficiency and speed for editing, restoration, creation, and the fine grain control needed by professional creators in music, sound, 2D and 3D.

Related Publications

SAN: Inducing Metrizability of GAN with Discriminative Normalized Linear Layer

ICLR, 2024
Yuhta Takida, Masaaki Imaizumi*, Takashi Shibuya, Chieh-Hsin Lai, Toshimitsu Uesaka, Naoki Murata, Yuki Mitsufuji*

Generative adversarial networks (GANs) learn a target probability distribution by optimizing a generator and a discriminator with minimax objectives. This paper addresses the question of whether such optimization actually provides the generator with gradients that make its d…

Manifold Preserving Guided Diffusion

ICLR, 2024
Yutong He, Naoki Murata, Chieh-Hsin Lai, Yuhta Takida, Toshimitsu Uesaka, Dongjun Kim, Wei-Hsiang Liao, Yuki Mitsufuji*, J. Zico Kolter*, Ruslan Salakhutdinov*, Stefano Ermon*

Despite the recent advancements, conditional image generation still faces challenges of cost, generalizability, and the need for task-specific training. In this paper, we propose Manifold Preserving Guided Diffusion (MPGD), a training-free conditional generation framework th…

Consistency Trajectory Models: Learning Probability Flow ODE Trajectory of Diffusion

ICLR, 2024
Dongjun Kim, Chieh-Hsin Lai, Wei-Hsiang Liao, Naoki Murata, Yuhta Takida, Toshimitsu Uesaka, Yutong He, Yuki Mitsufuji*, Stefano Ermon*

Consistency Models (CM) (Song et al., 2023) accelerate score-based diffusion model sampling at the cost of sample quality but lack a natural way to trade-off quality for speed. To address this limitation, we propose Consistency Trajectory Model (CTM), a generalization encomp…


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