AI Ethics

Leading the way towards more ethical AI that protects the interests of AI users
and creators by pushing the industry to ensure AI technologies
are fair, transparent, and accountable.

Our Approach

We are developing solutions to enable AI ethics in practice. The AI Ethics flagship project aims to create AI technologies that are fair, transparent, and accountable through cutting-edge research, particularly around ethical data collection, fairness benchmarks, and bias mitigation. In addition, it aims to make an impact in three key areas: AI development across Sony, the broader research community, and industry best practices.

Our Work

Ethical Data Collection

Ethical AI starts with ethical data collection. This project area focuses on the technical, legal and governance aspects of collecting data ethically, particularly when sensitive or personal data is involved.

Bias Detection and Measurement in Computer Vision

Developing fairer computer vision systems requires reliable methods for measuring algorithmic bias. This project area focuses on developing bias checking tools and fairness benchmarks for computer vision. To this end, this project area also examines the challenges of adequately measuring diversity in human images.

Algorithmic Bias Mitigation Techniques

There is no such thing as a completely unbiased model. As a result, bias mitigation techniques are critical for ethical AI development. This project area seeks to develop better techniques for addressing algorithmic bias, including exploring concepts of fairness routed in causality.


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